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GuideOverLoad is a marketing, seo, WordPress and blogging made easy blog. Our audience includes leaners of all level from different walks of life, including big business owners to small business owners, entreprenuers, marketers, SEOs, web designers, Bloggers, Social media managers, plus organizations and individuals from all over the world.

So if you thing you have something interesting for our audience then this article is for you. Remember to read this guidelines throughly to avoid any rejections.

If you think you don’t have anything serious to contribute please skip this page.

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for people who want to share their expertise and experiences with our audience. Writers who write not only for link building but also want to reach out to wider audience and grow their profile and show themselves as industry experts.

We don’t accept posts that are made puposely for link building and those not add any value to our blog and audience.

What you can write about

You can write about any category you see in this blog. We don’t accept guest post on categories different from the once listed in this website.

We are most interested on reviews, seo, marketing and WordPress articles and those who write about these categories have the highest chances of getting accepted.

Overall, these are the categories we are looking for guset writers for.
Reviews on platforms, apps, plugins, and services.
Content marketing
Search Engine Optimizarion (SEO)
Wrodpress tips, tricks and tutorials
Blogging tips and titorials
Make money tips and tricks
Sales and marketing tips
Personal finance and investment

Writing guidelines

If you are still willing to write for us please carefully observe these guidelines to avoid been rejected. We recieve many requests from time to time, and most a times the list keep coming, so we decided to make it straigtfoward. Instead of sending us any form of guest posting request, take your time and write the full article and send us the final draft.

These are what to consider.

First make sure the topic you are writing about has not been covered in our blog. We only accept articles that are well reseached and that add value and create conversations.
Article lenght should be between 1500 to 3000. Please not that while quantity matters quality matter the most. So don’t add some unnecessary words just to complete the numbers. If the article can’t posibily go to that lenght make it interesting.
Make a keyword research and distribute keywords naturally in the article content.
Featured image with good guality.
Minimum 2 Internall links.
Maximum 2 external links to quality and relevant articles for citing.
SEO optimized.
Most be 100% unique, not promotional, or include affiliate links, plagiarism, or published else where.
Use only royalty free images and medias includimg all attachments.

How to submit

If you thing your article can be accepted based on the above guidelines just feel free to send it as an editable word Documemt including your author bio (between 30 to 50 words), email of your Gravatar profile, and link to one of your social media sites.

Please note that by sending us your guest post you are given us full ownership right including but not limited to use, edit and distribute the content anywhere and that you are given us your consent that you are the sole owner of the content.

Send only your final draft to editors@guideoverload.com.ng

What next

Please after sending us your draft wait patiently as we get back to you. It may take from one to three weeks depending on our schedule.

After reviewing your article we will send you any relevant update. This may be to tell you about your article been rejected, need edition or to send you the live link.
If you have more questions feel free to ask us through support@guidoverload.com.ng

Please always make sure you send your messages to the right email.

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