What to do when you have no blog traffic

What To Do When You Have No Blog Traffic (Complete Guide)

When you start a blog for the first time you will have a hard time getting traffic. In fact, it feels like everyone else is going against you. It’s a, will this thing really work? Moment. Here is what to do when you have no blog traffic.

Introduction: what to do when you have no blog traffic

Starting a blog is far more than just buying a domain name and choosing a host.

It requires time, dedication and patience while doing the right things.

It is a combination of many other aspects includine the Technical aspect, Publishing content, and SEO.

Still, even if you have everything set in place, for the first few months you may witness no traffic.

In fact, for some bloggers it may take a longer time having less or no traffic at all.

So what to do when you have no blog traffic?

It is very simple, but trust me you will need to adjust soo many things and that may need you to change the way you do some things.

If you are concern about it, this article have some tested and proven tips that will help you start getting traffic to your silent blog.

This tips have helped me a lot to some extent and I strongly believe and hope 🙏 that you really find it productive.

Make sure to read this article to the end and don’t forget to make any necessary changes in your blog. I will be happy 😄 to hear how helpful this post is to you at the end.

There are some important and necessary places we need to address and start from and that is…

Now what to do when you have no blog traffic?

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Tip #1. Understand YourTarget Audience

This is it. Very important. Your audience is your success and your success is the happiness of your audience.

You need to focus on impressing and satisfying your audience.

Your audience should be your primary target 🎯 in your blog. That is why Google strongly encourage creating content for people and not search 🔍 engines,

The key 🔑 is first of all UNDERSTANDING your audience. If you can understant your audience it will be easier to do a small thing that will impress them.

This is what this giant blogs are doing. Nothing different. Just knowing how to target there intended market (audience).

If you can understant your audience you have take the important step in your journey.

When you have no traffic yet, you can use social platforms and forums to start researching your audience.

Social sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc will help you connect with your target audience through groups, boards and many others ways.

Forums like Quora will help you know what your audience are asking, connect with them and join spaces related to your blog.

There are many other ways to understand your audience. You can Google search it. How to understand your audience will be our topic another time. Subscribe so you don’t miss it out.

I hope you get it. It’s very important. Understand the people you love to impress.

With out knowing your people you can’t make it so far.

After you have understood you audience and the market your are targeting, the next thing is to…

Tip #2. Write Unique, Original and Long Form Blog Posts

The first method to standout from your competitors is to be unique.

Not just unique in website structure and design but in the content also. Very important too.

When I want to get to the top of SERP I read a post about How to Rank on Page 1 of Google FAST by Backlinko.

I have read many other articles before I met that, but wished I had made that at the beginning.

Now I wish Backlinko writes about most of my queries. Because I know his articles a very interesting.

This is the kind of feelings you need to create in your readers. It will not only make them love the post but also follow your blog and subscribe your newsletter.
And even mention you to other friends

just like the way I did. Think about the impression Backlinko will get just by mentioning his name here.

I am not advertising. I want you to understand this simple logic. He worth it that’s why I mentioned him.

You see. That is why understanding your audience is very important.

Don’t plagiarize! Write 📝 your own original content in your own words and experiences. So that it will be original and unique.

Make your own research. Note down your own outline and points. Take time to make it very informative with your voice and incorporate emotions and facts.

Write 📝 a posts that when someone land in your blog he will bookmark 🔖 it and navigate to look for more articles. Don’t allow them bounce out.

Don’t forget, while writing contents regularly is good it’s important to make it unique, impressive, and original even if that will mean writing few posts.

Another thing is making it long like 2000+ words count. It will be best for SEO much especially for new blogs.

It will give you the opportunity to add more focused and related keywords, add more headings, subheadings and minor headings that search engines will love.

Look at how the top pages in SERPs look like for your target keyword and go extra mind.

Nevertheless, don’t make it long with unnecessary paragraphs. Just write it fluently and naturally.

If you can’t make it long make it interesting.

Use Visuals relevant to your articles like images and videos. Add alt text with your key 🔑 phrase.

At last, make sure that your blog posts appears different from the rest and impress your audience.

After making your article unique and qualitative. This is what to do when you have to blog traffic. That is…

Tip #3. Focus On Eye Catching Headlines

Your headlines play a vital roll in attracting your audience attention.

For instance, when I was writing this article I was thinking 🤔 about the headline to use.

I have some options like:

How to Get traffic to your blog for beginners

Driving leads for a new blog: here is how

How to generate traffic to a blog step by step.

And many other options.

All of these options seem popular. In one way or the other average bloggers have read or learned how to drive traffic to there blogs.

So those headlines may not really work!

At last, I come up with “what to do when you have no blog traffic”. It seem interesting and shareable. Isn’t it?

I mean you may have your own ways and unique style but focusing on your headlines is very important.
Even on researches there are some headlines that work better than others.

Some headlines get more shares than others and some get more clicks than others.

Headlines like listings and How tos among others are very likely to get clicks from the right people and also shares.

Avoid headlines that looks popular instead use unique and captivating headlines.

There are many ways you can improve your headlines out there.

Make sure you get it write. Review your blog outlines and think about if you where the one seeing it on social media or search engine will you click or share it.

It’s very simple. Just like that. Your headlines. Very important.

I hope you are enjoying this post about what to do when you have no traffic. Don’t forget to leave a comment at the end.

Another important thing to do when you have no traffic is to…

Tip #4. Stop Using All Social Sites And Choose 1, 2 or 3

At first if you want to drive a lot of traffic to your blog use social media.

Another thing is don’t use all the social sites but choose few like two, in fact, if necessary just one is ok 👌.

Don’t try to use all the platforms it is difficult and unnecessary.

Choose your platform. There is a platform that almost everyone prefer. The one you find interesting and easier to use.

For me, I like Facebook the most. Because it supports general content including, text, images, videos, and even links and I find it easier to use than the other platforms.

Your own may be different but you actually need to select few of these platforms.

If you kind of love posting images sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram may be Ok.

If you like video contents Youtube, TikTok, Instagram and even Facebook are there.

If you want professional sites, Linkedin, Twitter, or even Medium are there too.

If you like where to host questions and answers forums and facebook groups are there also.

If you need social sites that looks like search engines here is Pinterest, Youtube, Medium, Facebook and more.

Optimizing social profiles for maximum leads requires time, hardwork, regular posting and engagement. Choosing few platforms will help you get the most out of them.

After all sometimes most of the people you see in one social sites are into another. So you are not missing anyone.

Select few sites, optimize your profile and start promoting your blog there. Watch out on how your blog will grow in traffic.

These are exactly what to do when you have no blog traffic.

Did I just forget to mention forums? Yes. You need to…

Tip #5. Participate In Niche Related Forums

Forums are a greate way of driving traffic for many bloggers that I can’t leave without mentioning.

Most of these forums have the audience you need. You just have to go there show your expertise and engage with fellow forumers.

Participate in Q&As and mention your blog where necessary. Recommend your links in relevant posts and discussions.
Use a good Bio and profile picture.

Abide with forum guidelines and keep engaging regularly.

This is a greate way to get people you and your blog and potentially drive good amount of traffic.

It is very simple and easy. Isn’t it? But you need to improve it.
Another thing to do is.

Tip #6. Publish More Posts In Regularly Basis

Updating your blog with new and fresh content will keep people coming to your blog regular.

If there is nothing new, there will be no need to visit. New contents brings them back to your blog.

As I have said although publishing more articles is important, there uniqueness and quality will keep them.

What some bloggers doesn’t understand is publishing content will bring people but the quality will keep them.

Most of the time we lose our potential customers the first time they visit our blog.

Despite that, try your best to publish many quality articles as much as possible.

To be able to keep writing more unique and beautiful blog posts is to…

Tip #7. Keep learning

Learning is the key to your success as a blogger. So keep learning.
You can’t improve when you don’t learn.

Your knowledge and experience is what will keep people in your blog.

Anything you learn is your next topic or points in your post.

That is why niche blogging is very good. When you write about what you always love doing.

You will find it easier to get new ideas and have more new posts ideas.

What to do when you have no blog traffic. Don’t forget the power💪 of guest posting.

Oh! This is our next heading, what I say…

Tip #8. Leverage The Power Of Guest Posting

The power of guest posting can not be over emphasised.

Guest posting involves writing on other’s blogs, mostly to get backlinks, increase awareness and drive traffic.

Find blogs where you can write articles for them. Write amazing articles that they will not ignore. Present yourself in an expertise way.

Read this post to get more insights on how to use guest posting to boost your marketing efforts.

Don’t only post on others blog. Invite others to post on your’s too.

This method will add more voice and resources on your blog.

If there are more authors, your blog will look more professional and interesting.

There by, driving more readers, engagements, shares and sales.
Conclusion: What to do when you have no traffic

There are certainly many things to do when you have no blog traffic.

Understanding your audience, writing good posts, using catchy headlines and promoting on social sites.

Leveraging on forums, guest posting and learning new ideas while improving yourself is important.

Hope you find this artcle helpful (What To Do When You Have No Blog Traffic). Don’t forget to share and comment.

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